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The Nye-ish Ele Upata Lwetu II Nye Udu Upata III of Upata Kingdom, HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo, Ph.D. on behalf of the Upata Traditional Council and the good people of Upata Kingdom wish to feliciatate with our son, an eminent Lawyer, businessman and politician. Rt. Hon. Prince Chibudom Nwuche, OFR as he marks his Birthday.

An illustrious son of Upata Kingdom, the former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives who holds the traditional title of Esama Ekpeye Logbo, has indeed carved a niche for himself in all spheres of life be it business, politics, sports, humanity and leadership. We find in him a worthy son, a progressive and dependable ally and anchor.

Rt. Hon. Prince Chibudom Nwuche is a household name across Ekpeye land because he has played a vital role in the economic and political development of Ekpeye and Nigeria. From a young age, his accomplishments in all facets of life are worthy of commendation and emulation. That is why we sincerely want you to know that it’s not just about your special day, but it’s about you as a special son of Ekpeye land.

Esama, as you mark a new dawn, we wish to note your courage in standing by the truth irrespective of the consequences. As you always say ‘stand by the truth even if you stand alone’. This principled stand has earned you both commendations and enmily.

The Upata people wish to appreciate your steadfast commitment to the struggle for a better and equiable Nigeria.

The pass on you have brought into your engagements and the consistency and unwavering devotion is indeed a worthy example for our youths.

A pillar of support to his contemporaries and the younger generation, many of whom, he has mentored in business, law and politics. In all your endeavours, you have proven to be a gentleman and an exemplary administrator.

What an illustrious life! And as you turn another page of your life, you truly deserve accolades for the giant imprints you have made on the sand of times. As a Lawmaker and Deputy Speaker, you attracted several development projects to Ekpeyeland and Rivers state.

Congratulations, as we look forward to greater ties of cooperation in impacting lives of our dear Upata Kingdom and Ekpeye in general. Once again, the good people of Upata Kingdom pray God Almighty to give you the grace and courage to continue to add to the towering accomplishments that you have already accumulated over such a relatively short period of life.

Best wishes for the years ahead.
Rt. Hon. Prince Chibudom Nwuche, OFR ESAMA EKPEYE

His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Felix E. Otuwarikpo JP, FNIPR Nye Udu Igbu Upata III of Upata Kingdom