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Hon Prince Chibudom Nwuche former Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives has condemned the invasion of the Rivers State High Court by tbugs in an attempted bid to stop the court from siting and discharging its constitutional duties to the generality of Nigerians.

He said that such actions of self help apart from being unconstitutional is capable of truncating our hard won democracy and plunging our country into anarchy.

He advised politicians not to allow their quest for power to undermine our democracy and societal values,and condemned the abuse of powers inherent in the attempt of disallowing the courts from sitting.

“We must at all times abide by the rule of law and show utmost respect for the judiciary as a critical organ of civilised societies and our democracy.No society can exist without respect for the law and it’s institutions”, he said.

He urged politicians to remember that power is ephemeral and they will one day become ordinary citizens,who will live amongst other Nigerians, and be responsible in their use of power.

Nwuche who had earlier condemned the attempt by a faction of the Rivers State APC to write names of their cronies instead of allowing a proper ward congresses where party members will choose their preferred candidates,wondered why simple congresses should lead to this degeneration in law and order.Any party executive that is imposed in this undemocratic and unjust manner will never enjoy the confidence of the masses of supporters and will lead to the party loosing any free and fair elections.

The action of the party leaders who are bent on imposing their will against the generality of party supporters may lead to people leaving the party in protest at the impunity.This is especially when many party supporters are already disgruntled on account of persecution by certain office holders who are using their offices to oppress party members.

He urged the APC at the National level to intervene in the crisis and reschedule the congresses to allow the will of members to prevail in an atmosphere devoid of intimidation.He maintained that it will be illogical to have LGA congresses when there was no ward congress,as it is impossible to build something on nothing.


Media Assistant

to Hon Prince Chibudom Nwuche